Know your objective.

Think about the desired result. What action do you want your audience to take (i.e., visit a website, take a survey, attend an event)?

Keep your message simple.

You only have a few seconds to deliver your message (think of reading a passing highway billboard). If there are more details to communicate, direct your audience to a website for more information. This will help lessen the “burden” for the digital communication and streamline your message.

Make your content readable.

Use a font style and size that is easy to read quickly. Georgia Tech’s digital typeface is Roboto Slab, which is a serif font optimized for use in digital projects.

Use your own content.

All material should be your own, unless you have permission to use an outside source. You are responsible for obtaining the proper rights to any content used.

Write out dates and times.

For example: June 5, 2018, at 11:00 a.m.

Use a simple design layout.

A less complicated design is always better than a fussy design. Include only one focal point and one strong call to action (i.e., visit a website, take a survey, attend an event)​.

Pro tip: Get started by downloading the Digital Sign Slide template below.

Download the Digital Sign Slide Templates

Select from two different layouts when creating slides for use on digital signage.

Avoid using logos.

Using too many logos causes confusion, looks unprofessional, and is not effective in delivering your main message. The digital sign template already includes a Georgia Tech logo and department name in the header, so spell out program/department/business names instead of using logos. 

Test your communication.

Post the content and try reading it in real-time. Sometimes this is the only way to see what actually works and what doesn’t.

Practice continuous improvement.

Creating digital signage is a relatively low investment, and it's easy to update. Always seek out feedback so that you can refine your communication in the future.

Additional Guidance

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