Updated January 4, 2022

To ensure a consistent voice across the Institute in all communications related to Covid-19 and our road to recovery, we ask that you follow the AP Coronavirus Topical Guide. There are, however, some cases where our usage reflects what has been established as the Institute's preference. So be sure to follow the guidance as listed below — even when contrary to AP's recommendations.

  • asymptomatic
    Not considered jargon. Acceptable for use.
  • cancel, canceled, canceling
    Do not use two l's.
  • Covid-19
    Do not use all caps.
  • delta variant
    Do not capitalize.
  • disinfect
    Use in place of "sanitize" when referring to objects and surfaces.
  • face covering and mask
    Use "face covering" or "cloth face covering" to refer to PPE that is washable and
    reusable. Use "mask" to refer to single-use surgical face masks and N95
    respirators, which are critical supplies that should be reserved for healthcare
    workers and first responders.
  • frontline
    As an adjective, one word. As a noun, two words (e.g., "on the front line").
  • Governor's Covid-19 Task Force
    Proper name; always use title case, making sure to capitalize "Governor's."
  • handwashing
    One word, no hyphen.
  • healthcare
    One word, no hyphen.
  • isolate/isolation and quarantine
    Use "isolate" to refer to separating people who are sick from Covid-19 from
    people who are not. Use "quarantine" to refer to separating and restricting the
    movement of people who were exposed to Covid-19 to see if they become ill.
    Note: These should not be used interchangeably, or used synonymously with
    "stay at home" or "lockdown."
  • omicron variant
    Do not capitalize.
  • PPE
    Acronym for "personal protective equipment," acceptable to use on second
  • preventive
    Use instead of "preventative."
  • return to campus plan/planning
    Do not hyphenate.
  • social distancing and physical distancing
    Both are acceptable and have the same meaning, though "social distancing" is
    more common.
  • touch points
    Two words, not hyphenated.
  • vaccine, vaccination
    Use "vaccine" to refer to the product that helps protect against a specific virus or other germ. Use "vaccination" to refer to the act of giving a vaccine.