Video is one of the primary tools for delivering messages to our audiences. Our video's visual style and identity elements work together to reflect Tech’s unique services and mission, and visually distinguish us from our peers.

It is important to maintain an experience that reflects Georgia Tech’s identity through the standardized use of Georgia Tech’s logo in title slides, and in standardized content and typography in lower thirds.

Video Graphics

Logo Bug

A solid white version of the Georgia Tech logo ("bug") must appear in all video openings, and it must remain in the lower right corner throughout the video (except when lower thirds are projected on the screen).

video still showing Georgia Tech's logo bug

Closing Slide

Videos should use the official closing animation featuring the Georgia Tech logo and campanile reveal.

video still showing closing animation

Lower Thirds

Lower thirds should be used for subject identification and include first and last name, title, and department or unit. If a subject has multiple titles, use the title most directly related to the content of the story. Lower thirds should be used on the subject’s first speaking appearance.

video still showing lower thirds text display

Learn about the correct editorial format for lower thirds in Our Voice: Editorial Style Guide: Video Lower-Thirds

Video Showcase

See more videography examples at Georgia Tech's Youtube channel.