Consistent and correct use of official Georgia Tech logos conveys collaboration and unity across campus. All Georgia Tech print and digital communications should include an approved, official logo, used in accordance with the guidelines below.


Primary Logo

The primary logo consists of the words Georgia Tech and the Interlocking GT, and is a registered trademark. A timeless Institute symbol that is readily recognizable and relatable, the interlocking GT is leveraged as the main visual element and introduces new, modernized typography through the font, DIN Next Slab Pro.

Various forms of the logo are available for consideration including horizontal, vertical, extended, and applications incorporating the Seal. 


Georgia Tech logo


Georgia Tech logo - Vertical


Extended Logo

The extended logo with the full name of the Institute may be used for any application for which the audience should understand the formal name. It may appear with the interlocking GT or the Institute Seal.

Georgia Tech logo - Extended

Logo with seal


Combined Logos for Campus Departments and Units

Academic, business, or research units are identified by combining their name with the Georgia Tech primary logo with the proper registration mark.

Logo example
Logo example


Logo example


Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Initialisms

Most unit combination marks are output with the complete name of the campus unit. Logos based in abbreviations, acronyms, or initialisms are not recommended. Such requests will be evaluated individually by Institute Communications, based on alignment with the brand.

  • The letters G and T cannot appear side-by-side. Only the interlocking GT trademark may visually represent the initials of the Institute.
  • The Institute’s vintage logos and word marks are not permitted for internal use (Solo T, Classic Yellow Jacket Buzz, Techie Buzz, The Golden Tornadoes). These marks are not intended to be used in place of the current marks.
  • Unit, program, or student organization logos or identities may not highlight the capital letter T or simulate the solo T monogram.

Logos for Events, Initiatives, Programs

  • Existing graphics, symbols, or icons unique to individual units within Georgia Tech may not be used as dominant, freestanding components resembling a logo.
  • Other visual elements may be used as secondary elements. They must be subordinate to the Georgia Tech logo.
  • Individual units, programs, or initiatives that have created their own logos, or have had individual marks created for them by third parties or students, may not use such marks to represent their unit or Georgia Tech.

Logos for Degree Programs and Areas of Study

The visual identity system applies primarily for campus units and programs specific to the Institute. For example, there is a logo set for the 'School of Public Policy,' but not for 'Public Policy' as an area of study. If distinct identity needs are determined to best serve students, they can be determined on a case-by-case basis.

For interdisciplinary degree programs, apply a primary Institute logo and cite the name of the degree program in communications using clear space and type standards. 

See additional guidance and examples for interdisciplinary degree programs.


Logo Usage Guidelines

  • Campus units may use the Institute primary logo, extended logo, or unit combination logo in communications and for branded items purchased from an official licensee.
  • Do not use the Interlocking GT alone for academic or organizational usage. The Bookstore offers generic Georgia Tech branded apparel, notebooks, pens and many other licensed promotional products for purchase. 
  • Do not use the outlined version of the interlocking GT, which remains exclusive to Athletics. 
  • Trademarks (logos and spirit marks) are not to be used in conjunction with tobacco, recreational drugs, gambling products, political symbols, and/or religious symbols. For additional restricted items, see the full list.
  • Use in conjunction with the United States flag, or the flag of the State of Georgia, is allowable.
  • Trademarks (logos and spirit marks) are not to be used in conjunction with other brands, names, or trademarks in a way that might appear as an endorsement by the Institute.
  • Do not simulate logos in type, skew or modify the elements, recolor, or fill with any pattern or texture.
  • Designs using the trademarks must be approved prior to printing or manufacturing.
  • All items and materials bearing the trademarks must be printed, produced, and manufactured by an official licensee.
  • A registered trademark symbol, either ® or TM, is to be used next to every trademarked logo. The symbol should appear near the bottom right of the trademarked logo.

Acceptable Logo Colors

White, Gold, and Navy Blue are the Institute’s primary colors, and they may be used in these color combinations, with examples below:

  • Tech Gold + Navy on White
  • Tech Gold + White on Navy
  • Tech Gold on White
  • White on Navy
  • White on Tech Gold
  • Navy on White (Not shown) may not be printed on merchandise, apparel, or promotional items, but can be used for 1-color applications in communications.

Acceptable color combinations for the Georgia Tech logo

Color Usage Guidelines

  • Maintain appropriate contrast between the logo and the background it is on.
    • On a light background, the Tech Gold logo version is preferred.
    • On a dark background, the white logo version is preferred.
  • The logo may not be filled with any pattern or texture, including flags.
  • Do not use the logo in any color combinations other than the approved ones.
  • For embossed or etched applications only, the logo may appear in black.
  • The all-navy logo version may not be printed on merchandise, apparel, or promotional items, but may be used for one-color applications in communications.
  • Trademarks (logos or spirit marks) may not be printed on material colors that conflict with the brand standards (including red).

Merchandise/Apparel/Promotional Items


For merchandise/apparel/promotional items where the printable space or size does not allow for the official department logo, or there is no logo: the name of a campus unit, program, or initiative can be printed below any of the Institute logos.

These variants would not be approved for print or digital communications, website usage, business cards, etc.

Examples of acceptable logos for merch-promo


Clear Space

Separate the Georgia Tech logo from other page elements (other than body copy) equal to the width or the height of the word Tech or Technology in the logo.

Vertical clear space


Standard logo clear spaceExtended logo clear space

Minimum Print Sizes

  • The minimum height for the Georgia Tech primary logo is 0.25 inches.
  • The minimum width for a combination logo is 1.5 inches.
  • If a unit combination logo cannot meet the minimum size requirement in the printable area, use the primary logo and identify the unit in text.

minimum height of logo

Logo Placement

  • A Georgia Tech logo should always appear on the front of any unit marketing material, providing clear space around the logo to ensure readability, and ensuring that the logo is not smaller than the minimum size allowed.
  • Logos should be placed only on fields of primary Institute brand colors. Most print applications call for either a full color logo on white or a white logo on a Tech Gold color field, to maintain consistency.
Digital Channels
Website Headers
  • The campus website design includes the primary Georgia Tech logo and identifies the department or unit in text.
  • Unit combination logos should not be inserted in place of the text identifier.
Multiple Logos/Co-Sponsored Events
  • The Georgia Tech logo must always stand alone.
  • The logo should never be placed directly adjacent to a co-sponsor logo; separate them by as much space as is possible or reasonable, depending on the circumstances.
  • When several Georgia Tech entities exist as co-sponsors, only the Institute primary logo should be used, with participating sponsors listed below the primary logo in plain text. 
  • When external companies or donors sponsor an event or program, the preferred method of acknowledgement is in a list. Displaying non-Georgia Tech logos in print communications, websites, apparel, or any other digital communication is discouraged.
  • In the instance when displaying non-Georgia Tech logo(s) cannot be avoided, the logos must be preceded by a statement such as: "The following companies support this program." The non-Georgia Tech logo(s) should also be followed by this statement verbatim: "The listing of corporate logos on this site does not constitute an endorsement by Georgia Tech."


Institute Seal

The original Seal was first approved for use in April 1918. There have since been several variations of it over the years, with the current Seal being approved for use in August 2021.  The core elements include the shield bearing the state symbol, the eternal flame symbolizing knowledge, the gearwheel of technology, and our motto, Progress and Service.

Seal Usage Guidelines

The Seal has been traditionally reserved for formal communications. To address the needs of campus audiences, the extended logo featuring the Seal and the "Georgia Institute of Technology" wordmark may also be approved for use in academic and research communications.

Use of the Seal alone remains restricted to the units and programs listed below.

The Seal may not be used as a social media icon/avatar.

Campus units may not create alternate seals or crests.

Institute seal

Seal Alone

Approved for general use for:

  • The Office of the President.
  • Programs directly sponsored by the Office of the President.
  • Institute Relations.
  • Institute Special Events.

Approved for use on business cards and stationery only:

  • Executives with offices located in the Carnegie building.


Logo with seal

Seal With Wordmark

Potential formal and academic uses:

  • Global campuses.
  • Admissions acceptance letters.
  • Online certificates, diplomas, and/or blockchain credentials.
  • Non-credit certificates.
  • Professional development certificates.

Additional academic and research use cases may also be appropriate. Please contact Institute Communications with your proposed usage for consideration.

Acceptable Colors

  • When the Seal is used in conjunction with the wordmark, it should be shown in Tech Gold.
  • The preferred presentation for the Seal alone is multicolored, using Tech Gold, blue, and white as shown above. All Tech Gold on white is the secondary preference.
  • Reverse applications of the Seal in white on Tech Gold may be acceptable for limited use, but not preferred.
  • If etched or embossed, the Seal may appear in black.

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