Narrative and Key Messages

  • Georgia Tech is a leading technological research university, breaking new ground in addressing the biggest local, national, and global challenges of our time, and developing exceptional leaders from all backgrounds to create solutions for the public good.
  • As one of the most research-intensive academic institutions in the nation, we are committed to the idea that technology — the science that supports it, the scholarship that guides it, and the leadership that deploys it — can help us improve the human condition.
  • The Institute is guided by a set of core values reinforced through our culture: Students are our top priority. We strive for excellence, thrive on diversity, and celebrate collaboration. We champion innovation. We safeguard freedom of inquiry and expression, and nurture the well-being of our community. We act ethically and are responsible stewards.
  • We are focused on creating a better future by amplifying our impact, championing innovation, connecting globally, expanding access, cultivating well-being, and leading by example, including taking action to:
    • Generate talent, ideas, and solutions.
    • Create a culture of deliberate innovation.
    • Enhance economic opportunity.
    • Convene worldwide collaboration.
    • Empower people of all backgrounds.
    • Strengthen our culture of well-being.
  • Georgia Tech provides lifetime learning opportunities. For Georgians, that means:
    • K-12 STEM programs reaching more than 39,000 students, 1,700 teachers, and 200 schools in over 75 school districts throughout the state each year.
    • Teaching 3,700 individual learners from Georgia, through our professional development courses each year.
  • We are committed to empowering and including more people, backgrounds, and perspectives in the process of learning, discovery, and creation.
  • We are working to remove barriers of access for underrepresented students, and recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty.
  • As innovation champions in our local economy, we strive to help Atlanta and the global Georgia Tech community become examples of vibrant, inclusive entrepreneurship.
  • Georgia Tech offers a thriving campus life that has a growing focus on the whole person, allowing all members of our community to grow and learn to lead healthy, purposeful lives.

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Boilerplate Copy

This copy should be used verbatim as an addendum to communications materials such as press releases, feature stories, and news articles.

Long Version

The Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech, is one of the top public research universities in the U.S., with more than 45,000 undergraduate and graduate students who study in person at the main campus in Atlanta, at Georgia Tech-Europe in France, at Georgia Tech-Shenzhen in China, as well as through distance and online learning. Students represent 50 states and more than 148 countries.

Georgia Tech's engineering and computing Colleges are the largest and among the highest-ranked in the nation, and the Institute also offers outstanding programs in business, design, liberal arts, and sciences.

With more than $1.3 billion annually in research awards across all six Colleges and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), Georgia Tech is among the nation’s most research-intensive universities. It is an engine of economic development for the state of Georgia, the Southeast, and the nation.

Georgia Tech’s mission is to develop leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition. Its mission and strategic plan are focused on making a positive impact in the lives of people everywhere. Since 1885, the people of Georgia Tech have dared to imagine and then create solutions for a better future. The innovative culture and leadership continue — Progress and Service for all. 

Short Version

The Georgia Institute of Technology, or Georgia Tech, is one of the top public research universities in the U.S., developing leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition.

The Institute offers business, computing, design, engineering, liberal arts, and sciences degrees. Its more than 45,000 undergraduate and graduate students, representing 50 states and more than 148 countries, study at the main campus in Atlanta, at campuses in France and China, and through distance and online learning.

As a leading technological university, Georgia Tech is an engine of economic development for Georgia, the Southeast, and the nation, conducting more than $1 billion in research annually for government, industry, and society. 



The Institute does not have an official tagline. Use of the Creating the Next tagline was discontinued, with the visual identity refresh in September 2021.

The Institute's motto, Progress and Service, which embodies Georgia Tech's mission to develop leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition, or the strategic plan tagline, Progress and Service for All, may be considered for use on communications where they appropriately complement or further the message.

Editorial Style

Georgia Tech's editorial standards are the rules regarding the mechanics of written communication. Application of these standards helps our large and diverse campus community present our brand in a consistent way.

The Institute Editorial Style Guide addresses some of the most frequently encountered style issues — most typically regarding capitalization, punctuation, and proper word usage — and provides guidance for instances when many possibilities exist.

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Brand Voice

The following framework helps writers present a consistent brand voice across communications. Developed with a third-party brand messaging agency, this language offers interesting descriptions that can apply to individuals, groups, or initiatives.

Boldly Curious

We never shy away from asking, “What if ?” We’re tenaciously inquisitive, always moving from what we know toward what’s possible. It is inquisitive, fearless, challenging the status quo and proactive. It’s not overconfident, reckless or macho.

Unconventional Imagination

Call it unorthodox or a little odd, but our way of thinking isn’t like everyone else’s. And we like it that way. We’re willing to be different to be amazing. It is offbeat, nerdy, unexpected, creative and fun. It’s not frivolous, absurd, silly, abstract or without action.


We’re proud of being smart, thinking as a hobby and showcasing how we can shape the world with our unique perspective. It is smart, clever, intellectual, brilliant, confident and enterprising. It’s not arrogant, esoteric, off-putting or abstract.

Intrepid Doers

You have to know the rules to break the rules, and we value book smarts and classroom instruction. But we also dare to do. We’re hands-on, prototyping, iterating and realizing our ideas. It is gutsy, maker culture, tinkering, curiosity realized and problem solving. It’s not common or low-brow.

Confident Problem Solvers

We are mission-driven and believe we can change the trajectory of the human condition, one problem solving endeavor at a time. The world-class talent we’ve assembled for the job, both seasoned researchers and bright-minded students, is how we’ll get it done. It is rooted in our tradition of excellence, credible, qualified and grounded. It is not braggadocious, condescending or egotistical.

Usage Guidelines

  • Always sound human. Be clear, approachable and relevant.
  • Calibrate the voice characteristics according to channel and content. For example, Braniacs and Unconventional Imagination tones may resonate in social channels with student-related content whereas Boldly Curious and Confident Problem Solvers tones may suit long-form thought leadership content.
  • Our sense of humor centers on wit and wordplay, showcasing our offbeat way of thinking and cleverness. Use light self-deprecation to elicit recognition of “that’s so Georgia Tech” characteristics. 
  • We’re proud of our hometown and being part of the city of Atlanta. Highlight localism and our unique urban location when possible.
  • Find intersections of the “wow-factor” of what our faculty, researchers and students produce, the community/location, and the interesting humans behind our breakthroughs.
  • Convey energy with active verbs.
  • Apply the “modesty filter” to ensure we don’t sound pretentious or arrogant.

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