Brand Messaging

Our brand messaging has been developed to amplify Tech’s singular value, create increased awareness and understanding of our work, and bring stability and direction to one of our most valuable assets — our reputation.

Communicators are encouraged to integrate the messages into their internal and external communications to remind our audiences of our value while setting Georgia Tech apart from other universities.

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Key Messages

An important part of communicating our brand is sharing our stories, and each key message is one takeaway we want our audiences to remember. By consistently weaving these key messages into our content, we remind our audiences of our value while differentiating Georgia Tech from other universities. 

Open and Collaborative

We are an amazingly diverse community of brilliant and creative minds — connected by an attraction to the ingenious and the inventive. Drawn together by passion and skill, and spurred by our imaginations, we work together to solve challenges expediently.

Inventive and Industrious

We’re more than ivory tower “big brains.” We’re also by nature tinkerers, inventors, and explorers – pathfinders that bring an industrious tenacity to every opportunity we tackle and every obstacle we overcome. 

An Excellent Return on Investment

Our graduates are in high demand because they are prepared to make an immediate impact. We're focused on real world application in everything we do. We offer an ivy league-quality education with a public college price tag, which makes paying for college more affordable. 

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Editorial Style

Georgia Tech's editorial standards are the rules regarding the mechanics of written communication. Application of these standards helps our large and diverse campus community present our brand in a consistent way.

The Institute Editorial Style Guide addresses some of the most frequently encountered style issues — most typically regarding capitalization, punctuation, and proper word usage — and provides guidance for instances when many possibilities exist. 

The style guide should be used as a reference for all written materials, although some variation in our established policy may be necessary (at the discretion of the author/editor). 

Editorial Style Guide
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Boilerplate Copy

Regardless of what you are communicating or your audience, you will often need to include general information about Georgia Tech. The boilerplate copy is designed to provide you with accurate and relevant information about the Institute that will appeal to a wide variety of audiences. 

Short and Long Versions