Institute Communications (IC) reviews all vanity domain alias requests to confirm they meet the Institute's website brand standards and domain name standards. Vanity alias requests should be made during the planning stage of a new website project. The status of site development will not dictate whether a vanity domain name is approved.

Step 1:

Identify your website type and corresponding domain name format.

All websites that are funded and/or sponsored by the Institute are required to have a web address. Any campus unit can request a gatech domain name at no charge; however, there are differences in domain formats based on the unit's function and visibility.

Step 2:

Read and understand the Institute's brand and website domain name standards.

Before submitting a vanity alias request, you must read and understand the Institute's domain name standards, criteria, and best practices.


If you don’t yet have a campus-hosted site, or have questions about a Vanity Domain Alias, email

Step 3:

If you already have a campus-hosted site, submit a vanity URL request form.

  • Requests for vanity aliases will be forwarded to Institute Communications for approval.
  • Any domain name requests that include a trademarked term will also be forwarded to the Licensing department for approval.

Request Forms

Select the button below that corresponds to your website. You may be prompted to login to your GT account before proceeding.

Step 4:

Respond to any requests for more information.
Once your domain name request has been submitted, Institute Communications may reach out to you for additional information. Please respond in a timely manner.


Step 5:

Receive approval or denial of your request.
Institute Communications will inform you and OIT of its approval or denial of your vanity URL request within 7 business days. At times, the process may take longer.

  • If your requested name is approved:
    • OIT will process the domain name request.
    • OIT will assign the DNS team to create the DNS records for the alias.
    • You need to add the vanity domain alias it to your site.
  • If your requested name is denied:
    • Institute Communications will recommend alternate solutions.
    • You can choose a sub-domain name and OIT will continue provisioning your new site.
    • You may appeal the decision by submitting additional information or clarification in support of the request to OIT.