Logos and Wordmarks

A consistent visual representation across all communication platforms provides clarity, recognition, and a seamless visual experience for any interaction with Georgia Tech. Our logo and visual elements help to define the Institute and distinguish it from other universities.

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Primary Logo

The primary logo includes the Georgia Tech wordmark and a graphic icon of the Kessler Campanile, a spiraling sculpture that represents the past, present, and future of the Institute. 

GT logo

Logo-Tagline Lockup

The primary logo can be paired with the trademark for the Institute's official tagline, Creating the Next®. 

Gt logo lockup

Legacy Logo

(Georgia Institute of Technology)

The legacy logo with full name of the Institute is reserved for special applications such as business cards, stationery, and Institute signage.

gt Legacy Logo

Combined Logos for Campus Departments and Units

Academic, business, or research units may be identified by combining the name with the Georgia Tech primary logo.

gt combined logos
  • The campus unit is identified to the right of the Campanile symbol.
  • A descriptor line below the unit name is optional.

Two- and Three-Line Logos 

Combination logos for long or complex unit names can be output in two- or three-line versions. In a three-line version, the top of the unit name should align with the top of the Campanile symbol. 

3 line logos

Acronyms and Initialisms

Logos based in acronyms or initialisms are no longer supplied, created, or endorsed. Combination marks are output with the complete name of the campus unit. 

Outline Logos

Outline versions of combination logos are retired and are no longer supported. 

Logos for Events, Initiatives, Programs

Custom logos for events, initiatives or programs are strictly prohibited per Institute policy. Existing graphics, symbols, or icons unique to individual units within Georgia Tech may not be used as dominant, freestanding components resembling a logo. Other visual elements may be used as secondary elements. They must be subordinate to the Georgia Tech logo.

Individual units, programs, or initiatives that have created their own logos, or had individual marks created for them by third parties or students, may not use such marks to represent their unit or Georgia Tech.

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Institute Seal

The seal is the most formal of the Institute's marks and is reserved for use by the offices listed in the General Usage guidelines. No other Georgia Tech units are permitted to use the seal.   

official seal
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Athletics and Spirit Marks

Georgia Tech's athletics identity elements - or Spirit Marks - include the interlocking GT, our mascot - Buzz®, the Ramblin' Wreck, and the Georgia Tech Athletics wordmark.

Athletics and Spirit Marks are licensed trademarks that require prior approval before use from the Licensing office. For trademark usage permission, contact the licensing manager.

spirt marks

Tagline Wordmark

Horizontal and stacked wordmarks represent the Creating the Next® tagline in graphic form.

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CTN Stack

Logo Art Sheet

These logos and wordmarks are federally registered in the name of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia by and on behalf of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

A license is required to reproduce the Georgia Institute of Technology name and trademarks.

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Logo Usage Guidelines

Please observe these usage guidelines when using any Georgia Tech or unit logo, wordmark, or graphic element.