Georgia Tech revealed a new system of logos and visuals in September 2021, unifying the community around a singular, widely recognized icon — the interlocking GT.

The refreshed visual identity was developed to closely align with the Institute's 10-year strategic plan that lays out a mission to develop leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition.

Learn the background behind our visual identity refresh

The interlocking GT now serves to celebrate our dynamic community of students, alumni, faculty, researchers, and staff. The symbol is paired with newly designed wordmarks for the Institute and complemented by an evolved illustration of the Seal — the Institute's most formal, longstanding mark.

Both refreshed symbols are true to the white and gold colors that have been part of Tech's identity since 1891, while officially presenting navy blue as a primary contrast color.

Our Look: The Visual Identity


Questions About the Brand Refresh?

Brand Refresh Rollout Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

The Brand Refresh Journey






Advisory Group


  • Ayo Taylor-Dixon, Athletics Association
  • Angela Ayers, Research Communications
  • Andrew Billing, Strategic Consulting
  • Suzy Briggs, Office of Development - Corporate Relations
  • Marla Bruner, Graduate Studies
  • Barrett H. Carson, Office of Development, Vice President
  • Citlaly Chavez, Second year undergraduate student (Mechanical Engineering), business lead for GT Motorsports 
  • Rick Clark, Enrollment Management
  • Baratunde Cola, Ph.D., Faculty, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering
  • Cara Cramer, Institute Relations
  • Andrea Gappell, International Education/Global
  • Jim Hall, Office of Development - Athletics
  • Shannon Helton-Amos, Professional Education
  • Jillann Hertel, MFA, Creative Director and Faculty, School of Literature, Media, and Communication 
  • Susie Ivy, Institute Communications
  • Ogun Kargin, Graduate SGA, Airbus Graduate Student Associate, Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory (ASDL)
  • Bill Oswell, Facilities, Design and Construction
  • Tracey Reeves, Institute Communications
  • Kevin Shankwiler, Faculty, School of Industrial Design
  • Steven Taylor, Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC)
  • Afra Toma, Graduate SGA, Graduate Student Researcher, Biomedical Engineering
  • Cedric Trice, Center for Engineering Education and Diversity (CEED)

Working Groups

Visual Identity Working Group

  • Louise Russo, Assistant Vice President of Strategic Marketing, Institute Communications
  • Brett Boatright, Director of Institute Creative Strategy, Institute Communications
Project Manager
  • Doug Goodwin, Institute Communications
Team Members
  • Aimee Anderson, Licensing, Institute Communications
  • Elise Berk, Institute Communications
  • Christine Brazill, Institute Communications
  • Lorrie Burroughs, Scheller College of Business
  • LaDonna Cherry, College of Computing
  • Michelle Gowdy, Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)
  • Jason Gregory, Capital Planning and Space Management
  • Ann Hoevel, College of Design
  • Joe Macri, Scheller College of Business
  • Christopher Moore, Institute Communications
  • Amelia Neumeister, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Steven Norris, Institute Communications
  • Georgia Parmelee, College of Engineering
  • Stephanie Sigler, Institute Communications
  • Lindsay Vaughn, Alumni Association
  • Sara Warner, Student Life

Design Working Group

  • Brett Boatright, Director of Institute Creative Strategy, Institute Communications
Project Manager
  • Amelia Neumeister, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Team Members
  • Nick Baker, Institute Communications
  • Elise Berk, Institute Communications
  • Monet Fort, Institute Communications
  • Adam Karcz, Institute Communications
  • Ashley Ritchie, Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Brenda Sanders, Professional Education
  • Eric Sembrat, Ph.D., College of Engineering
  • Stephanie Stephens, Professional Education
  • Will Taylor, Enrollment Management
  • Mark Ziemer, Institute Communications

Tagline Working Group

Project Manager
  • Jennifer Tomasino, Institute Communications
Team Members
  • Nick Baker, Institute Communications
  • Elise Berk, Institute Communications
  • Laurie Haigh, H. Milton Stewart School of Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Kasey Helton, Campus Services
  • Benjamin Hodges, Institute Communications
  • Georgia Parmelee, College of Engineering
  • Péralte Paul, Enterprise Innovation Institute
  • Jess Hunt-Ralston, College of Sciences
  • Troy Robinson, Institute Communications
  • Trisha Sisk, Development
  • Stephanie Stephens, Professional Education
  • Tamara Wilder, Institute Communications

Communicating Our Progress


July - August 2021: Proposed Solution Shared With Campus Audiences, Feedback Integrated 

The brand refresh working group shared a formal proposal with groups across campus (list below), acquiring input and relaying feedback to the design team. Socializing the concepts with students, faculty, and staff helped the creative team make adjustments and improvements to best meet the needs of campus audiences.

Concurrently, the group developed a detailed implementation plan, collected and answered questions from listening sessions, and updated the brand style guide and standards in advance of the launch.

Alumni Association – 6/30
Athletics – 6/30
Institute Communications – 6/30
College communications directors – 7/7
Visual brand stewards and campus designers – 7/8
Reck Club – 7/9
Cabinet, Deans, and Affiliates meetings – 7/20
School chairs – College by College, vis id review, tagline input
Select student, faculty, staff groups
Parking and Transportation – 7/22
Undergraduate Admissions – 8/4
Cross-functional group: Business Rules – 8/5
Invention Studio – 8/6
Staff Council – 8/9
Alumni Association Executive Board – 8/10
Senior Leadership Meeting – 8/11
Office of Development (department meeting) – 8/16
Emory University branding – Coulter BME – 8/18
Alumni Association Board of Trustees – 8/27

June 2021: Visual Identity System Proposed to Leadership, Advisory Group

The Brand Visual Identity Refresh project has progressed to the next phase, from initial ideation to creation of a complete system and brand story. The multidisciplinary team of Georgia Tech graphic designers and creative professionals are presenting a formal proposal including new logos, colors, fonts, and graphics for the project advisory group and campus leaders this month. 

Before a refreshed system is introduced to the broader community, the Brand Visual Identity Refresh working group will host a presentation and roundtable discussion July 8 for campus personnel who work with logos and identity elements and promote consistent usage within their departments. These graphic designers and visual brand stewards are important stakeholders in the effective adoption of a refreshed visual identity. 

The visual identity will be revealed to campus in early September. 

May 2021: Campus Survey Gathers Input for Visual Identity

Based on feedback from 1,080 students, faculty, staff, and alumni who responded to our survey, a multidisciplinary team of Georgia Tech graphic designers and creative professionals are in the process of exploring a new system of logos, colors, fonts, and graphics. The goal of the project is to further strengthen the brand for all audiences and develop a robust identity that reflects Tech’s strategic direction. 

More than 150,000 community members were invited to participate in the survey in mid-April, offering the opportunity to rate their affinity for Georgia Tech’s current symbols, colors, and tagline. 

Initial design concepts have been shared with campus leadership and the project Advisory Group, and the community will be continually engaged as the project progresses.

April 2021: Project Announcement

Georgia Tech is exploring a refresh to its brand visual identity, following the 2020 launch of its new 10-year strategic plan.

The Georgia Tech brand is strong and recognizable. The Institute is committed to further strengthening the brand to bring about a more robust identity that reflects Tech’s new strategic direction. The brand refresh effort, led by Institute Communications, supports Tech’s new strategic focus areas: Amplify Impact, Champion Innovation, Connect Globally, Expand Access, Cultivate Well-Being, and Lead by Example.

A refresh of Tech’s visual brand involves reviewing the color palettes, fonts, logos, graphics, and other uniquely Tech visual symbols to ensure they’re aligned with the Institute’s commitment to continuous improvement. However, this does not mean a replacement of Tech’s beloved icons such as Buzz, the Ramblin’ Wreck, and the gold and white colors that have been part of the Institute since 1893.