This section of the Brand Guide is is no longer being actively updated, but is available as a record of the timeline and information provided from 2021-2023. The refreshed brand implementation continues in the built environment, and on updated campus documents and collateral.

Contact for any questions about the standards.

Obtaining and Transitioning to the New Logos

Colleges, Schools, public-facing campus units, and prominent student-serving units had logos created and provided by Institute Communications, rolled out in three tiers:

  • Tier 1 (available at launch, revised 9/22/21) – Includes: executive offices, public-facing campus units, academic Colleges and learning institutes.
  • Tier 2 (available as of 9/22/21) – Includes: campus units, academic Schools, A&F units (that are not externally facing), EVPR reporting research units.
  • Tier 3 (available as of 10/30/21) – Includes: additional campus units, research centers and labs, units that are not student-facing (or can be represented by the Institute, College, or School identity in the interim).
  • Tier 4 (ongoing) - accommodating other unit identity needs requested after launch.

List of all units with logos output in tiers 1 - 3 (PDF)

For campus units not identified in the initial tiers:

  • Submit requests for updated logo sets to the respective unit-level brand steward (typically communications leads).
  • If the parent unit leader agrees the logo has a distinct use case, they can request a set from Institute Communications.


Where can I download logos?

Logos are available for download via NetX, the cloud-based system already used for sharing photos with campus.

All logo sets are uploaded as zip files containing approved file and logo versions.

Visit the NetX system to download logos (GT login required)

Do I need to wait to get my School or College’s new logo configuration?

Yes. The working group established a clear service-based order for output, with academic units and student-serving units prioritized.

Can I create logos myself?

No. Official logos must be created and approved by Institute Communications (or a delegated designer). In the interim, use the Institute, College, or parent unit logo for any identification needs.

What types of files are included for my unit's logo set?

  • .EPS - Encapsulated PostScript, a document format that can contain scalable art and data such as Pantone color formulas for print.
  • .PDF - Portable Document Format, a more broadly available format that can also contain art and information. The logo versions output will be virtually identical to the .eps versions but viewable by more users.
  • .PNG - Portable Network Graphic is non-scalable bitmap art that retains color data and fidelity for logos and illustrations, and allows for transparency.
  • .SVG - Scalable Vector Graphic is a text-based standard for describing images. For most users, that means scalable images, type, or art for websites and digital apps.

Logos are no longer provided as .JPG files. The JPG format is most useful for compressing photos.

My center has an existing logo/artwork that is not part of the visual identity system. Can we continue to use it?

No. Per the Brand Identity Standards policy, "No other logos, symbols, or marks may be used by administrative or academic units to represent the Institute. Individual units may not create their own logo or visual identity.

Units are required to use the Georgia Tech wordmark in connection with official Institute business. Colleges, Schools, and units may use their respective Georgia Tech wordmark for their unit in connection with official Institute business and in their official web headers."

What is considered as an obstruction of the logo?

The Brand Identity Standards policy provides standards for the use of Institute brand elements and trademarks, and Institute Communications publishes further style guidelines and best practices for campus. Collateral and promotional items representing the Institute should align with the campus standards.

Does the visual identity system apply to degree programs or areas of study?

Not typically. The system applies primarily for campus units and programs specific to the Institute. For example, there is a logo set for 'School of Public Policy,' but not for 'Public Policy' as an area of study. If distinct identity needs are determined to best serve students, they can be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Working With Existing Collateral and Promotional Items

Some of our units have an existing stock of branded material. Should my department deplete the existing stock of promotional items and collateral before creating/ordering new ones?

For existing promotional items, brochures, etc., that carry old branding, there is no need to discard these. Just update creative at a natural point of replenishment.

The expectation is that all new creative fully follow the refreshed brand standards.


Now that the refreshed visual identity has been launched, how long will we have to change our materials, websites, business cards, signage, etc.?

As current supplies of print materials are exhausted, plan to apply the new brand elements in the next quarterly or semester-based cycles for refreshment. Digital channels, including social media, can be updated immediately.

See the next section for information about updating websites.



Updating Websites

How does the new brand affect our websites?

The visual identity refresh includes a new standard for campus website headers and footers, which will ultimately be integrated into themes for Drupal.

Colleges and public-facing units should plan on updating website headers by October; other student-facing departments should plan on updating site branding within six months of launch.

Units without dedicated web development resources may consider the suppliers on the Large Web Project and Small Web Project contracts for guidance.

How will our website look different?

For the brand rollout, our visual identity design working group has provided a logo "hotfix" for campus Drupal sites, and brand specifications for clear space, acceptable colors, sizing, and usage.


What do we do about applications on third-party platforms?

OIT has updated most logo applications on third-party platforms or websites (such as Workday, BlueJeans, AirTable, or Campus personnel who manage unique platforms may contact with specifications.

For Sharepoint sites, the site administrator can update the logo in the site settings menu.


Applying the New Brand to Digital Assets

What are the available social media assets, and where do I find them?

See the Social Media section for guidance, templates, and best practices.


Can my department design a custom PowerPoint presentation deck?

Yes, as long as the design aligns with visual brand standards and meets accessibility requirements.


Ordering Business Cards

When can I order new business cards?

Printing and Copying Services (PCS) began processing business card print orders for executive offices, academic leaders in the colleges and schools, and public-facing campus units on Nov. 12, 2021. See the Brand standards for business cards for available options.

See instructions for ordering via web form from PCS.

If your unit needs to order business cards from a licensed print resource outside campus, please contact and coordinate with Institute Communications.



Obtaining and Using the New Font and Typography Family

How can I access the official typefaces (fonts) on typical software platforms?

Campus users with licenses for Adobe Creative Suite can activate the following typefaces for use in creative projects with OIT-approved software.


If I don’t have the fonts, where can I get them?

The visual identity refresh design working group selected a family of fonts to offer campus consistent options. See Typography for examples and specifications.


Can I incorporate the font in the Georgia Tech wordmark in my asset creations?

No. The typeface/font family used in the primary Institute wordmark is reserved for the master brand and trademarks such as the Institute Seal.


Do we have to use white, gold, and blue in the logos/typography?

Yes. Consistency is key to recognition of the Georgia Tech brand, and consistent use of our primary colors white, Tech Gold, and blue helps distinguish the Institute from other university brands. See Our Look for specifications.


Tagline Update

Does Georgia Tech have an official tagline?

Added Sept. 21, 2021

No. Use of the Creating the Next tagline was discontinued, with the visual identity refresh in September 2021.

The Institute's motto, Progress and Service, which embodies Georgia Tech's mission to develop leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition, or the strategic plan tagline, Progress and Service for All, may be considered for use on communications where they appropriately complement or further the message.


Using Licensed Assets

Can we now use ‘Buzz’?

Buzz remains a spirit mark subject to approval by Institute Communications. There is some greater flexibility for use in internal communications. See Spirit Marks for specifications and examples.


When will new logo gear arrive in campus bookstores?

Licensed products featuring the interlocking GT are already available at the Barnes & Noble at Georgia Tech bookstore. Gear with the new Institute wordmarks and updated Seal will be available within the coming months, pending provision of art to licensees.


How can I order promotional items with the correct branding?

See the Licensing and Trademarks website for information about how to purchase promotional items and apparel, including lists of approved, licensed suppliers.


What is considered ‘official use’ of the Seal?

Use of the Seal alone remains limited to specific units and programs. In other academic or research use cases where a formal visual voice is appropriate, use of the Institute Seal with the wordmark may be approved by Institute Communications.

These include, but are not limited to: admissions acceptance letters; non-credit or professional development certificates; diplomas; and/or blockchain credentials. See Logos for specific guidelines.


Brand Refresh Rollout

What tools and training are provided to help us apply the new branding to print and web?

This brand website is your source for official standards, usage guidelines, and assets.

Available now:

Coming soon:

  • Templates for backdrops/displays/banners/signage. 


Will campus units that are not currently on brand — not including those granted exceptions — be expected to fall into compliance with the refreshed visual identity?

Yes. The quality and consistency of our communications is critical to maintaining the Institute's reputation as a leading brand in academics and research. Per the Brand Identity Standards policy, "In case of violations, Institute Communications will make reasonable efforts to contact the unit’s communications manager and/or the individual responsible for creating and maintaining the content. Institute Communications will work with the unit to correct issues and establish a schedule for compliance."

For support, email or your Institute Communications client manager.

When will the implementation phase end?

A cross-functional team representing Finance and Planning, Infrastructure and Sustainability, and Institute Communications is collaborating to propel the ongoing implementation needs for campus. The group is prioritizing the order and allocating resources for refreshing physical signage, interior brand applications, and common marketing/communications needs. Early focal points are contracting for an inventory format for building managers, auditing branded materials for special events, and updating the tall, silver pylon signs that identify campus entrance points.


When will outside, physical signage begin to reflect the updated logos?

The working group is collaborating with Infrastructure and Sustainability to identify and prioritize refreshment of external building signage, monument signs, and other highly visible physical expressions of the Georgia Tech brand. Campus units do not need to separately explore refreshment of building signage. See response above.


My building has branded signage inside, or logos on doors and windows. What's next?

A steering committee has been assembled to conduct a detailed assessment and prioritization of the existing inventory of branded items. The committee will be considering campus physical signage, branded building signage, core marketing-communications touchpoints, and more.

For all items, the group will: determine priorities (focusing on high-visibility and scalable solutions first), estimate costs, and create a proposal. The proposal will be reviewed by the EVP of Administration and Finance, and the VP of Communications. Once approved, the budget will either be distributed to individual units as appropriate, or items will be purchased centrally for distribution. The latter will be the case for the majority of standard building branded signage.

If your unit has 3D-printed or die-cut logos and appliques on glass doors or walls, or on objects such as speaking podiums, please make the steering committee aware by emailing Elise Berk. There may be coordination required between building managers and vendor installers on preparation, timing, removal of old elements, and installation.

Steering committee members:

  • Jason Gregory (CPSM)
  • Chris Sanders (Design & Construction)
  • Jennifer Hubert (Finance & Planning)
  • Louise Russo (Institute Communications)


The launch is over. What do I do now?

The launch is just the beginning of the journey for our visual brand.

  • Take inventory of physical applications in your building and work with your Facilities manager to plan for refreshment.
  • Also, consider budget requests.
  • Plan for refreshment of digital and physical collateral over the course of Fiscal Year 2022.


Where can I get a copy of the brand guidelines book?

This website is a living, evolving document of the Institute's style standards. So, always refer first to the standards published here, as they are updated regularly with campus input. 

To request a copy of the brand inspiration poster, email or your Institute Communications client manager (while supplies last).


Where do I go if I have a question (not answered here) about the visual identity refresh?

Send your questions or comments to Our brand refresh team will compile answers to the most common questions and post them here for the campus community.

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