Please observe these usage guidelines when using any Georgia Tech or unit logo, wordmark, or graphic element.

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Acceptable Colors

Single-Color Logos

In print communications, logos should appear in black. Logos printed on a dark background should appear in white. 


Multicolored Logos

In print communications, the Georgia Tech letters are always black (or white when against a dark background). The Campanile icon may be black or Buzz Gold (Pantone 124 coated/7406 uncoated, WEB #EEB211). No other color combinations are allowed. 

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Clear Space

  • In print, the Georgia Tech logo should always have an amount of padding separating it from other page elements (other than body copy) equal to the width or the height of the logo used. 
  • On websites, the logo should have top and bottom clear space/padding of 15 (pixels) px, and left and right padding of 20px.
spec sheet
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Minimum Sizes

  • In print, the minimum size of the Georgia Institute of Technology logo must be 3/8” tall, and the minimum size of the Georgia Tech logo must be 3/16” tall. 
  • The minimum width of a combined logo with the outlined treatment is 2 inches. For combined logos smaller than 2 inches, use the solid version.
  • In website headers, the Campanile icon within the logo should be no smaller than 60 pixels (px) tall. 
  • On responsive websites, the logo should maintain a proportional width and height, with the height of the Campanile shrinking to no smaller than 30px tall.
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Print Communications

  • A Georgia Tech logo should always appear in a position of prominence on the front of any unit marketing material, providing clear space around the logo to ensure readability, and ensuring that the logo is not smaller than the minimum size allowed.
  • Covers of publications and miscellaneous print pieces must use the logo placement and other design elements seen in the example to the right (white logo within a solid Buzz Gold flag, superimposed on a chevron).
    To get these mandatory elements, download the One Georgia Tech InDesign ​templates.

Website Headers

Website Headers
  • The preferred position for the Georgia Tech logo on websites is at the top left of the page, with the unit identification on the right side of the page. 
  • Provide clear space around the logo to ensure readability, and ensure that the logo is not smaller than the minimum size allowed.

Partnerships and Co-Sponsorships

  • The Georgia Tech logo must always stand alone.
  • The logo should never be placed directly adjacent to a partner or co-sponsor logo; separate them by as much space as is possible or reasonable, depending on the circumstances. 
  • When several Georgia Tech units co-sponsor an event or program, use one Georgia Tech logo and list all participating Georgia Tech entities below it.
  • When external companies or donors sponsor an event or program, the preferred method of acknowledgement is in a list. Displaying non-Georgia Tech logos in print communications, websites, or any other digital communication is discouraged. 
  • In the instance when displaying non-Georgia Tech logo(s) cannot be avoided, the logos must be preceded by a statement such as: "The following companies support this program." The non-Georgia Tech logo(s) should be followed by this statement verbatim: "The listing of corporate logos on this site does not constitute an endorsement by Georgia Tech."