Think of the narrative (and the message house elements) as your elevator speech. As you would with an elevator speech, keep key elements of the message house top of mind to share anywhere, anytime about Georgia Tech so you're well equipped to educate others on what the Institute is all about.

Message House Template

Usage Guidelines

  • Focus on the framework to tell stories that amplify the Institute’s strategy and build its reputation.
  • Fill the rooms of the message house by planning unit-level content around the themes, and documenting the impact of your unit’s stories with analytics.


Narrative and Boilerplate Template

Usage Guidelines

  • Identify key messages that will resonate with your audience and use them to tell your unit's story and the Institute’s story in an easy-to-digest manner.
  • Use the message house as a framework. Use as much from the message house as you can, but don’t be boxed in by it; if there’s an amazing story to tell that doesn’t fit in perfectly, don’t hesitate to still tell it.
  • When focusing on telling your story, focus on the unit first. When you can include the Institute, great!
  • When you can include the boilerplate, please do so. At the Institute level, we always will.